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Smart Cities Marketplace

Investor Network members list

Member name Geographical coverage Business models offered Investment types offered Minimum investment amount Maximum investment amount
Amber Infrastructure Limited European Union Energy Performance Contacts, Concessions, PPPs / JVs / Service Agreements. Equity €3.000.000
Aquila Capital European Union, including UK Energy Performance Contracts, Concessions, Operational Lease Contracts €100.000 €25.000.000
Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP European Union Equity
Asper Investment Management EU Energy Performance Contracts, concessions Equity, Loan
CiviESCo Srl Our main coverage is North of Italy for EPC plus Finance, while we are EU open for other investment operations. Loan
European Energy Efficiency Fund Europe Energy Performance Contracts, Concessions Equity, Loan €5.000.000 €20.000.000
Funding for Future Energy Performance Contracts Loan €100.000 €2.000.000
Glennmont Partners European Union Energy Performance Contracts, Concessions Equity €10.000.000
GNE Finance Primary focus is on Spain. However, country-by-country work is done with priority BE, NL, PT and IT. Unsecured loans, home-secured loans, home-based financing (see Loan €5.000 €100.000
Greencrowd Partnership LLP European Union Equity, Loan
Greenward Finance European Union Loan Financing, Efficiency as a Service (EaaS) Loan €200.000 €4.000.000
Joule Assets Europe European Union Energy Performance Contracts Equity, Loan
Kyotherm Europe Energy Performance Contracts, Concessions, Thermal Purchase Agreements (TPA) Equity €1.000.000 €200.000.000
Pioneer Point Partners LLP EU, with focus on Western Europe Long-term contractual frameworks Equity €25.000.000 €100.000.000
Primevest Capital Partners The Netherlands, Germany Energy Performance contracts, Concessions (light as a Services contracts), smart city performance contracts Equity, Loan €5.000.000
REENAG Holding European Union, Peru. Forfaiting €100.000
Smart City Infrastructure Fund EU, OECD Countries, including small municipalities Energy Performance Contracts, Concessions, sale and lease back Equity €5.000.000 €200.000.000
SUMA CAPITAL S.G.E.I.C. S.A. European Union Energy Performance Contracts, energy supply contracts, concessions Equity €5.000.000 €22.500.000