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SCALE: European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified

A city-led initiative with the aim to engage in a collaborative effort stakeholders, policy makers, industries, researchers and citizens, SCALE works to create more inclusive and resilient smart cities that could respond and adapt to the dynamic shift of climate change by deploying innovative and carbon-neutral technological solutions, employing sustainable practices and implementing green policies in order to create a more livable and socially inclusive space for citizens and residents.

In partnership with the European Commission and CINEA, SCALE provides large-scale, long-term support for the 120 cities and 18 Lighthouse projects involved in the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Group.

scale lighthouse and fellow cities

Established to serve as a unifying element, networking and connecting all project stakeholders and guide them towards Europe-wide replication, SCALE helps to improve the overall performance and enhance the significance of the Smart Cities and Communities Group. 

It currently reinforces 48 Lighthouse cities and 72 Fellow cities organised in consortia with academics, industrial partners, associations and consultants together implementing more than 550 demonstrations of smart, technological and social innovations in the areas of mobility, smart buildings, smart infrastructure, citizen engagement and data platforms as well as in holistic steering and city governance, representing a budget of more than 420 million € in their scaling up efforts.

Through its support framework it provides cooperation, design, communication, logistical support, consultations, access to business models and financiers, and application of a stable governance approach, in order to enable further replication of piloted and proven smart city solutions.


All SCALE activities are constructed so that they support the Smart Cities and Communities Group to achieve their individual goals and provide them with continuity for further replication: 

  • Support for the SCC Projects - SCALE provides support and knowledge sharing to the members of finalised and ongoing SCC Projects, consisting of  communication and dissemination of solutions, knowledge, best practices and general information. This aspect is a key success factor in helping Follower cities to replicate their solutions, thus generating a positive snowball effect across Europe.
  • Access to Financing - SCALE is helping projects focus on the most bankable, high-demand, high return smart city investments and enabling access to financing and financiers through its collaborative activities with finalised pilot projects and providing additional financing through the SCALE Grant. 
  • Foster Replication - SCALE in collaboration with the European Commission and CINEA, will at the beginning of 2022 launch the SCALE Grant, which will allow further activities and ad hoc partnerships, not covered by the current SCC Grant Agreements, to be funded, organised and implemented. 
  • Enhance the Common Brand for Smart Cities - SCALE is amplifying the united smart city brand positioning it as the brand where outstanding experts on smart cities, urban transition and related topics collaborate together to create greener, sustainable, inclusive and livable cities. 
  • Bridge the SCC Community - SCALE is bridging the Smart Cities and Communities Group and all relevant stakeholders and their activities through joint events, workshops and knowledge sharing webinars, networking possibilities and matchmaking activities, where they Community comes together to share and disseminate knowledge, best-practices and technological solutions among partners as well towards the citizens.
  • Create an Online Collaborative Space - SCALE serves as a platform for all smart city stakeholders to discuss, develop and apply new collaborative approaches related to the adoption and implementation of new legislative frameworks by public policy makers and urban leaders. To that end, SCALE is actively engaging with the online community through: 


The SCALE Initiative operates several principal activities that are spanning the entire Smart Cities and Communities Group:

  • Call for Experts - Creation of a smart city expert community to provide assistance, knowledge and support to the SCC Group.
  • SCALE Grant - A financial incentive for projects and a tool to foster replication of solutions and best practices. 
  • City Coordinators Group - A matchmaking and networking group for cities to expand their networks of partners. 
  • SCALE Roadshow - A cutting-edge program to bridge the gap between cities and investor communities.  
  • SCALE Brand - A joint umbrella brand that connects cities and projects to a greater audience.


The SCALE Initiative is a consortium of smart city specialists and experts who have a strong experience in project management, coordination, networking, exchange of information and communication and dissemination of large-scale European projects. The consortium is composed of 7 European organizations that selected several experts to form the SCALE Secretariat: 

  • SPL Lyon Confluence (FRANCE)
  • Blue-Sight Conseil (FRANCE)
  • Algoé (FRANCE)
  • Austrian Institute of Technology (AUSTRIA)
  • Civiesco (ITALY)
  • Energy Cities (BELGIUM)
  • Twenty Communications (SLOVAKIA)