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Smart Cities Marketplace

Scalable Cities Expert Group

Scalable Cities Expert Group is an online networking and co-working community of experienced and motivated smart city experts ready to provide technical advice and support to the Scalable Cities and the European Commission.


How does it work?

Relevant experts will be identified through Calls for Experts to support the following types of activities:   

  • Participate in Task Groups: Experts participate in and contribute to the work of the Task Groups established by Scalable Cities to work on specific smart city related themes. 

  • Provide ad-hoc technical expertise: Experts are contracted on short notice to provide expertise in specific areas (such as replication, dissemination activities, topic report on new trends and technologies).  

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning: Experts are mentoring peer-to-peer activities and support the upscaling of the smart city solutions and replication.


Who can apply?

As smart city projects are complex and multifaceted, experts can come from different organizations and fields. Through calls for experts we seek in particular individuals who have:

  • Proven, long-standing experience in fields related to smart cities; 

  • A senior role in one of the Scalable Cities or other relevant smart city projects;  

  • Experience in the design and implementation of smart city related initiatives.

As smart city projects are complex and multifaceted, the experts can come from a wide range of different organizations and fields, such as:

  • City administrations 
  • Consultancies (energy, mobility, participation, urban planning, etc.) 
  • Industry, business associations and technology agencies 
  • Universities and research institutes 
  • Professional / city networks 
  • Real estate development/ housing companies 
  • Finance and investment 

Application Procedure

The Scalable Cities Expert Group members are selected in a two-stage procedure: 

  • Stage 1: Through an open call for expression of interest, interested experts can register to join the Scalable Cities Expert Group database.
  • Stage 2: Once interested experts are part of the database, members receive notifications about upcoming calls for experts on specific topics and assignments. 

Disclaimer: Registration does not automatically mean that you will be contracted for task assignments.


The open call for expression of interest in the Scalable Cities Expert Group will remain open for the entire duration of the Scalable Cities assistance period (2021 – 2025). 
Specific calls for experts will be published here.


Released Papers

The Expert Group released a publication in June 2022 titled "Digitalization in Urban Energy Systems. Outlook 2025, 2030 and 2040." You can find the publication on our website



In case of any questions or issues with the registration, please contact the Scalable Cities Secretariat.