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Lighthouse project

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Joint Paper: The Path from Pilot to Scale

The four Smart Cities and Communities projects Smarter Together, Sharing Cities, Replicate and SmartEnCity would like to present a joint research paper. The Joint Paper: The Path from Pilot to...

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Small Giants Go Large

The Small Giants initiative continues to play an important role to provide a strong voice for small to medium-sized cities within the European Smart Cities Marketplace to rebalance the trend...

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Explore the DECIDE Knowledge

DECIDE is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to gain a better understanding of how energy communities and energy efficiency services are established and managed. It also intends to identify...

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What does energy retrofit mean to you?

As part of procuRE’s work as Action Cluster for Business Models and Finance, the project is releasing a series of statements from procurers about what deep energy renovation means to...

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EU Week of Regions and Cities 2021

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event (11- 14 October 2021) during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement...

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Introducting HeatriCity

About the AI4cities project AI4cities is a EU funded project bringing together European cities looking for artificial intelligence to accelerate carbon neutrality. VITO/EnergyVille was selected as a supplier of its...

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Discover the Smart Cities Marketplace Digital Brochure

All you ever wanted to know about the Smart Cities Marketplace - the Smart Cities Marketplace has published its digital interactive brochure. Discover the most fascinating and important information about...

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Copernicus and me

Eurisy and CNES (the French National Centre for Space Studies) are looking for European public and private organisations using Copernicus data and services to be featured in case studies and...

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