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Smart Cities Marketplace
Scalable cities

Task Groups

These working groups implement priorities identified by the Board of Coordinators. They consist of representatives from Smart Cities and Communities projects and usually meet monthly. Currently, the following groups operate:

  • ‘Replication’: engages with cities, relevant actors and stakeholders outside of the demonstration areas and promotes technologies and solutions demonstrated in Smart Cities and Communities projects.  
  • ‘Communication and Dissemination’: develops and implements joint communication and dissemination activities, communication and promotional toolkits, and joint participation at key events. It identifies key messages and disseminates project results and data. 
  • ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’: collects practical data, monitoring and reporting processes and tools, develops impact methodologies, provides exchange of data collection, interfacing control systems and databases, algorithms for data set cleaning and dissemination tools. It also engages in peer-to-peer learning and in collaboration with external experts.

Further ‘action clusters’ managed by the Smart Cities Marketplace can be found here.


For any questions on Scalable Cities, please contact the Scalable Cities Secretariat.