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Aggregated data visualisations

The top graph shows the total amount of square meters of buildings that have been built/refurbished within the scope of the various programmes of the European Commission monitored through the Smart Cities MarketplaceThe figures are subdivided in the amount of m2 for new buildings, refurbished buildings or buildings as part of a Positive Energy District.

The graph on CO2 emissions shows the annual savings of all projects combined that have reported their data, subdivided in the categories ICT, new buildings, refurbished buildings, Positive Energy Districts, mobility and energy systems. For refurbished buildings, energy systems, ICT and mobility the savings are the difference with respect to the situation before the intervention (savings positive if the intervention results in lower emissions) . For new buildings the savings are with respect to the applicable building code. For Positive Energy Districts the savings are with respect to zero emission (negative savings if the emission is still positive).

Low-carbon buildings construction (m2)

750.696 m2
New buildings
975.885 m2
Refurbished buildings
87.167 m2
Positive energy districts

Total CO2 savings

310.242 kgCO2eq/a
5.324.581 kgCO2eq/a
New buildings
11.661.676 kgCO2eq/a
Refurbished buildings
-1.981.000 kgCO2eq/a
Positive energy districts
1.650.913 kgCO2eq/a
44.203.251 kgCO2eq/a
Energy system

The figures presented are based on the reporting of 76 projects across 232 demo sites