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Green Cities Wiki

your comprehensive resource for initiatives, practical knowledge and insights on creating sustainable, inclusive, and climate-neutral cities

This guide is meant to serve both as an inspirational and informational self-help guide. It looks at integrated planning and management of smart city and low energy district projects predominantly through the eyes of cities’ strategists, experts and project managers. It aims to explain:

  • WHAT is integrated planning and management of smart city projects?
  • WHY do cities need methods for integrated planning and management
  • HOW to develop a smart city strategy and who to involve?
  • WHICH tasks can be expected and how to deal with them?
  • WHERE can you find information on financial instruments?
  • HOW to engage stakeholders and keep them engaged during different phases of implementation?
  • HOW can KPI’s and tools help to evaluate alternatives and track progress?
  • WHICH actions can help to accelerate the impact towards an urban transition?

Via the links below you can explore the detailed contents.

If you have any suggestions for additional content and/or improvements of what is here right now, do send a message to: and the Smart Cities Marketplace team will review your suggestions.