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Data captured via the Self Reporting Tool

The information captured is visualised as KPIs and available for download and further analysis via this page.

The information reported will provide stakeholders with information that is monitored under real conditions, allowing them to obtain first-hand information with the aim of fostering replication.

Background information on the KPIs can be found as part of the smart city project monitoring guidance provided here.


Trends in the data captured

Between 2010 and 2020, the data captured via SRT is showing some trends that indicate that over the years, key metrics have been influenced positively through EC-funded projects in the area of smart cities:

Energy consumption with renewabe energy taken into account

Total final energy consumption new buildings

Total final energy consumption refurbished buildings

Share of local renewable energy

Share of local renewable energy new buildings

Share of local renewable energy refurbished buildings

Primary energy use

Total primary energy demand new buildings

Total primary energy demand refurbished buildings

CO2 reduction per m2 of building

CO2 emissions per m2 new buildings