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Smart Cities Marketplace

Focus and Discussion groups

Open the curtain for Discussion and Focus groups

The Smart Cities Marketplace would like to introduce the concept of Discussion and Focus groups to guide peer exchange and support cities in their smart development.

Two groups are foreseen:

  • Discussion groups are fora where the participants can exchange experience, cooperate, support, and discuss a specific theme. This exchange will be held as an online discussion forum through the Smart Cities Marketplace community space and guided by a Discussion group chair and a Smart Cities Marketplace team member. 
  • Focus groups are collaborations that actively work on a commonly identified challenge related to the transition to smart cities. Contrary to the participants of the online Discussion group fora, the participants of Focus groups meet and debate their ideas in an on-site and online discussion setting (e.g., webinar, workshop). Communication and cooperation are supported by a member of the SCM secretariat, a secretarial support team, and through the Smart Cities Marketplace community space. Focus groups can serve as a springboard for the development of concrete projects.

Who can apply?

The call for topics is open to consortia, cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers, and experts from the smart city community. Topics on various areas can be proposed. Smart Cities Marketplace will evaluate and select these to form Focus and Discussion groups.

Applicants must be from EU Members States or associated countries. They cannot be in the situation of a conflict of interest (COI) which exists where the impartial and objective exercise of the functions of the chair/ participant is compromised for reasons involving family, emotional life, political or national affinity, economic interest or any other direct or indirect personal interest. Applicants are at least 18 years old.

Why should I apply?

By proposing a topic, applicants help in framing the agenda for the Discussion and Focus groups. Applicants gain visibility in the EU Smart Cities community and get a unique opportunity to exchange with their peers on the chosen topics.


Smart Cities Marketplace Charter.pdf
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Terms of Reference - Discussion groups.docx
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Terms of Reference - Focus groups.docx
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