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Scalable Cities Governance


Board of Coordinators

The Board of Coordinators (BoC) is the main coordinating body of Scalable Cities. It is composed of representatives of ongoing Smart Cities and Communities projects. It meets on a monthly basis to discuss the most pressing issues, discusses the strategic direction and defines the priorities and targets for Scalable Cities.

The BoC also guides the process of a joint collaboration, adjusts the strategic plans, reviews the Manifesto, and engages with the European Commission and other similar initiatives to achieve common goals. The decisions made by the BoC are implemented through individual Task Groups.


Task Groups

Task Groups (TG) are working groups that implement priorities identified by the Board of Coordinators. Task Group consist of representatives from individual projects and usually meet monthly. Currently, there are five Task Groups:


  • The TG ‘Replication’ engages with cities, relevant actors and stakeholders outside of the demonstration areas and promotes technologies and solutions to be shared across Scalable Cities.  
  • The TG ‘Communication and Dissemination’ develops and manages a joint brand, communication and dissemination strategy, communication and promotional toolkits, the joint event strategy, participation and common agenda for key events. It identifies key messages and disseminates the results and data. 
  • The TG ‘Business Models and Financing’ develops joint business models for proven technology solutions that are ready for adoption. It engages with the investment community and identifies viable sources of funding and ensures that pre-procurement activity is underway on at least two joint business models.
  • The TG ‘Data Management’ collects and examines data management plans to provide recommendations and main insights about the various use cases developed in each project. It also collects and disseminates Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • The TG ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ collects practical data, monitoring and reporting processes and tools, develops impact methodologies, provides exchange of data collection, interfacing control systems and databases, algorithms for data set cleaning and dissemination tools. It also engages in peer-to-peer learning and in collaboration with external experts.


Scalable Cities Secretariat

The work of Scalable Cities is supported by a secretariat. The secretariat provides Scalable Cities with a stable governance, logistical and organizational structure, and enables the dissemination of results of seven generations of Smart Cities and Communities projects.

For any questions, requests or supporting information, please contact the Scalable Cities Secretariat at