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GNE Finance


Geographical coverage
Primary focus is on Spain. However, country-by-country work is done with priority BE, NL, PT and IT.
Investment types offered
Minimum investment amount
Maximum investment amount
Business models offered
Unsecured loans, home-secured loans, home-based financing (see


GNE Finance is a high impact investment company providing financing for the built environment. GNE Finance works with cities and regions to provide financial solutions to home and building renovation programs. GNE Finance delivers innovative solutions that maximize social and environmental impact while delivering sustainable returns to capital providers. GNE Finance offers homeowners support and affordable tailored financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, safety and accessibility improvements.

Products and investments

GNE Finance delivers eco-sustainable home renovation programs that combine technical assistance, affordable financing and smart funding. GNE works with cities and regions to design the programmes accessible to all citizens, including vulnerable groups. GNE also provides funding specifically designed for eco-sustainable home renovation, with long terms and attractive interest rates, that takes into account energy savings in its financing analysis. A fully digital platform guarantees a smooth and easy underwriting process for homeowners. Both multi-family buildings and single family units are eligible for financing.