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The +CityxChange vision is to enable the co-creation of the future we want to live in. This will include the development of a framework and supporting tools to enable a common energy market supported by a connected community. This will lead to recommendations for new policy intervention, market (de)regulation and business models that will deliver positive energy communities integrating e-Mobility as a Service (eMaaS).

+CityxChange will create solutions for Positive Energy Blocks leading to Positive Energy Districts and Cities through:
-    decision support tools which, enable informed decisions to be made by all stakeholders in the community
-    an approach to creating a Positive Energy Block through energy reduction and efficiency measures, local renewables, local storage, flexibility and peer-to-peer energy trading
-    top down community engagement driven by the local authority and bottom up citizen engagement to inform, educate and drive behavioural change

The approach has been developed to enable citizens to invest in their own buildings, which will ultimately contribute to the creation of the Positive Energy Blocks and provide them with the incentives (social, economical, legal and technical) to do so.

The project is structured to specifically develop value-added solutions that support replication in other EU cities as well as exploitation to commercial markets well beyond the project duration.


Project demonstration sites

Fellow cities


Deployment of Positive Energy Blocks and Districts


Annemie Wyckmans
Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Building aspects

  • Building Energy Services
  • heating and cooling and DHW
  • Installed Renewable Energy Sources
  • hybrid collectors
  • Installed Renewable Energy Sources
  • photovoltaic
  • Installed Renewable Energy Sources
  • photovoltaic - building integrated
  • Installed Renewable Energy Sources
  • solar thermal collectors
  • Technology used to supply the buildings
  • boiler
  • Technology used to supply the buildings
  • district heating (DH) network
  • Technology used to supply the buildings
  • electrical equipment
  • Technology used to supply the buildings
  • heat pump: absorption

Energy Carriers

  • Ambient air
  • Biogas
  • Electricity
  • Heat/district heat
  • Hydropower
  • Other
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Waste heat
  • ‘Green’ electricity

Energy Systems Types

  • Infrastructure & System Integration
  • DHC extension
  • Storage
  • Electrical Storage
  • Storage
  • Thermal Storage

Mobility Type of Intervention

  • Vehicles

Thematic Field

  • Energy System(s) Integration
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Mobility and Transport
  • New Building(s)
  • Positive Energy District (PED)
  • Refurbished Building(s)

Project data