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Through their involvement in the project, Võru has made significant strides towards PED creation and energy neutrality in the city. Collaborating with different stakeholders, including private citizens and businesses, many new ideas and plans have been created to make physical changes in the city.

Key outcomes and achievements in Võru:

  • Completion of feasibility studies and a priority list of investments for key developments in the city
  • Reconstruction of actual buildings and increasing of organisational capacity (people, software, and processes) to improve building stock
  • Foresight up to 2050 through the development of a Bold City Vision that makes attainable projections for how to move forward
  • Development of knowledge and motivation to tackle complex issues and build new partnerships (e.g. Taltech, BUILDEST)
  • Formation of local partnerships and international exchange through partnerships focused on innovation and development in the city
  • Development of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)
  • Tackling of regulatory issues for energy measures
  • Mapping with the local Distribution System Operator (DSO) of available grid capacities for solar PV
  • Regulatory change with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to establish fees for holders of unused grid capacity, enabling efficient grid supply and supporting PED development