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+CityxChange Limerick


Project status



Through the +CityxChange project Limerick has worked hard to gain significant knowledge and understanding of the conditions to support the creation of PEDs. Working with many stakeholders to overcome obstacles, PED development is being advanced in the city through various initiatives such as the Pilot Retrofitting Grant Scheme aimed at retrofitting historic buildings. 

Key outcomes and achievements in Limerick:

  • The opening of the Citizen Innovation Lab, which was a collaboration between Limerick City and County Council and the University of Limerick (UL). The Lab includes a Citizens’ Observatory, an Engagement Hub, a digital platform and a programme of events Citizen Innovation Lab 
  • A digital twin model of the city was created which aimed to provide a baseline on energy use and allow the energy transition of the city to be tracked over time. It highlighted the need to identify and source necessary data that would not only provide a clear KPI framework but also show potential value.
  • Limerick City and County Council has continued to support the retrofitting of historic buildings in the city centre through the Living City Initiative. 
  • Extensive citizen engagement activities have been carried out to build trust and transparency with local communities. 
  • Citizen innovations have been enabled through the Innovation open calls and experimentation labs held throughout the project. 
  • Through the open innovation call process Limerick City and County Council has supported the installation of solar PV on properties as a demonstration project at St Michael's Rowing Club and St John’s Band Hall. 
  • GKinetic has developed Tidal Turbines to be installed in the river Shannon, pending approval of a foreshore licence. The tidal turbines are being demonstrated at a Climate Exhibition in the city which explores the future of renewable energy on the Shannon Estuary. This has catapulted Limerick beyond the regulatory system in Ireland.

Energy Carriers

  • Ambient air
  • Biogas
  • Electricity
  • Heat/district heat
  • Hydropower
  • Other
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Waste heat
  • ‘Green’ electricity

Energy Systems Types

  • Infrastructure & System Integration
  • DHC extension
  • Storage
  • Electrical Storage
  • Storage
  • Thermal Storage

Mobility Type of Intervention

  • Vehicles

Thematic Field

  • Positive Energy District (PED)