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Mobility and Transport

Smarter Together Site Munich

The Munich lighthouse demonstration area within the SMARTER TOGETHER project is located at the western edge of the city, and includes both the large urban redevelopment area Neuaubing-Westkreuz and the flagship new development area Freiham, set to become a model of low-carbon development for up to 20 000 new residents and 7 500 new jobs. With the aid of cutting-edge technology and the intelligent use of data, Munich’s objectives are to cut CO2 emissions by more than 20 %, raise the use of renewable energy to above 20 % and increase energy efficiency by more than 20 %.

Smarter Together Site Vienna

The SMARTER TOGETHER project demonstration area in Vienna is located in the central part of the south-eastern district of Simmering. In total, 21 000 inhabitants will benefit from smart project solutions within the fields of refurbishment, energy, mobility, and information and communication technologies. An emphasis is made on dialogue, in line with the Vienna Smart City Framework Strategy, where the human dimension of the smart city is the focus of attention. Dialogue includes all generations and backgrounds aiming at contributing to an integrated societal dynamic.

Smarter Together Site Lyon

Lyon is one of the lighthouse cities in the SMARTER TOGETHER project. The demonstration area in focus is Lyon-Confluence, one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in France (150 ha – 600 000 m² existing floor area – 1 million m² of new buildings) and an area of many urban innovations.

Sharing Cities Site Milan

Milan considers the idea of a smart city as being not technology-driven, but centred on its citizens. The concept ‘smart city’ for Milan covers smart mobility, a smart environment, and smart inclusion and citizenship. This sets out a bold agenda, which will see the re-orientation of demand for transport services; the standardisation of payment technologies and methods; and the adoption of a range of energy-efficiency solutions.

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