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Smart Cities Marketplace
25 March 2022

EXPLORE, SHAPE & DEAL matchmaking actions at the Smart Cities Marketplace Forum, 26-27 April 2022

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The aim of the Smart Cities Marketplace matchmaking facility is to get cities and project developers in contact with investors and financiers. It has the set goal of supporting the implementation of smart cities projects in a wide variety of sectors, such as energy efficiency, renewables, ICT, mobility, etc.

During the Smart Cities Marketplace Forum and beyond, tailored activities will be offered to the different development stages of your project idea.

Project developers will have the chance to connect with potential investors. How? By submitting the project proposal for consideration through the Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking process.

But that is not all! Here are all our matchmaking activities for you:

  1. EXPLORE: Expand your knowledge with input from use cases and sessions;
  2. SHAPE: Develop your ideas by booking a meeting with experts from the Smart City scene;
  3. DEAL: Submit your project ideas now and get connected with potential investors.

EXPLORE: Receive vital knowledge on use cases and best practices to move your project idea forward. During the parallel sessions of the forum and by visiting the exhibition of the conference, you can discuss lessons learned and how to apply the shared insights to your project.

SHAPE: During the Forum you can book your slot and receive valuable information directly from different thematic experts. Meet up and get insights on how to increase the maturity of your project. Get ready to shape your project for bankability and for the next step: DEAL.

DEAL: Project developers have the chance to connect with potential investors by submitting their project proposals via this intake form! If the project intake provides sufficient information and the project matches the requirements of an investor of the Smart Cities Marketplace investor network, a 1:1 conversation will be arranged.

Project ideas for consideration at the Forum must be submitted before 22 April but the call will be ongoing also following the Forum. As in earlier years, there will also be the possibility for virtual meetings at a later stage.

Based on the information provided, the matchmaking team will perform an assessment of the project proposal and check if it matches an investor profile.

If you have specific Smart City plans or ideas, this is your opportunity to share them with the Marketplace matchmaking team and be connected with investors face-to-face – depending on the maturity of your project.

Interested in the EXPLORE, SHAPE or DEAL activities at the forum and want to know more?

Write an email to the matchmaking experts