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Call for project concepts

The Smart Cities Marketplace matchmaking support service is continuously looking for projects in need of finance to be matched with the requirements of members of our Investor Network.

  • Are you looking to make investments in the area of Energy, Transport & Mobility or ICT?
  • Is your city ready to redevelop certain areas?
  • Is your company working on a smart city project?

If you can answer with “yes” to any of the above or should you have a project concept that is mature enough to be pitched to an investor, don’t wait any longer and submit your idea using our intake form!

Please note that we use the following project maturity levels (PML) to assess incoming project ideas:

  • PML 1 – Potential project identified (project or technology apparently suitable for intervention)
  • PML 2 – Project potential quantified (via audit, study, benchmarking, etc.)
  • PML 3 – Project investment estimated and suitable business models identified
  • PML 4 – Technical project and business case developed
  • PML 5 – Investment-Ready (Business case and tender model confirmed)
  • PML 6 – Investment offer or tendering requirements created (ready to sign or launch tender)

We would be mostly interested in receiving project concepts at PML 3 or higher. Nevertheless, other PMLs are also welcome.

How it works

After completing and submitting our intake form, the matchmaking team will verify your submission, get back to you with any questions for clarification and, once resolved, submit your project concept to those investors whose investment strategy is matching your type of project. Once an investor is interested to learn more about your project, we will put you in touch for a 1:1 conversation with the investor. Typically, these conversations will be held during one of our face-to-face matchmaking events that are scheduled regularly. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, we will revert to organising virtual meetings as our fall-back option.

What happens if your project concepts are not ready yet?

Not a problem! The Smart Cities Marketplace offers plenty of existing good solutions to explore and get inspired by. Furthermore, you can engage with our community to shape your project idea such that it becomes mature enough to be matched with our investors. Also, during the next months we will be delivering a series of webinars and master classes to help you shape your project!