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City Coordinators Group

The City Coordinators Group (CCG) gathers cities to address specific challenges and create a space for the co-design of shared solutions. The Group has three main objectives:

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange.
  • Promote networking and cooperation among cities interested in the replication of the Scalable Cities measures.   
  • Capturing cities’ voices to prepare recommendations for EU institutions.

How does it work?

Meetings alternate between physical and virtual gatherings with an expected frequency of 6 meetings per year of varying formats, including: 

  • Networking and knowledge-sharing meetings - physical meetings embedded in larger third party events that focus on promoting institutional networking with external actors.
  • Co-creation meetings - practical workshops to discuss shared solutions, co-design common guidelines and develop strategic city partnerships.
  • Advocacy meeting - aimed at develop recommendations for the EU institutions on cities' main needs, challenges and solutions.

Calendar of events


How to join?

The City Coordinators Group (CCG) started as a platform to facilitate the exchange, cooperation and co-creation among Lighthouse and Fellow cities, but is now also open to other cities interested in benefitting from the knowledge sharing and activities of the group.

In order to join the CCG, ask a representative from that city to fill out and submit a short contact form. Their email address is then added to the CCG contact database, they will be given access to an online CCG Repository that stores relevant documents and contacts and they will be invited to attend the group’s meetings.

Register to join

Financial support

Fellow cities and Lighthouse cities from ended Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) projects can request a travel contribution to participate in up to two physical events per year.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must represent a Fellow city or Lighthouse city from an ended SCC project.
  • Financial contribution can be requested for up to 2 trips per city per year.
  • The applicant must be attending only physical City Coordinators Group events, previously announced by the SC Secretariat.

The maximum contribution is 450 EUR per trip and 900 EUR per year per city.

Apply for financial support for travel


For any questions, please contact the Scalable Cities Secretariat.


CCG Roadmap_2023.pdf
(415.9 KB - PDF)