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Solution Booklet Urban Freight Logistics

The overall goal of urban freight logistics is to provide better and more customised last-time logistic services for citizens, fostering local economic development through local logistics businesses, while reducing the negative impact the delivery of goods has on our urban environment.

The European Commission’s shows a clear interest in sustainable solutions for urban freight logistics, as the White Paper* “Zero emission urban logistics in major urban centres by 2030” elaborates.

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Solution Booklet E-Bus

This English, French and German version of the solution booklet presents electric buses’ replication potential and barriers from a technical, financial, social and governance perspective. Desk research, expert interviews with different stakeholders and webinars were conducted in order to gather experiences from various EU/national/regional/local projects in different European countries.

E-buses currently represent 6.1% of the sales of new buses in Europe. The decarbonisation of public transport systems will be crucial as European countries and cities move towards a net zero economy, and as such...

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