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Citizen-led renovation

The support service for Citizen-led renovation is an EU initiative aiming to empower energy communities to put citizens in the driver’s seat for energy-saving renovation projects. Our support service for four selected pilots in Ireland, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria will strengthen community building and assist in replicating programmes for energy renovations of buildings, including insulation, new technical systems and installing renewables.

Solution Booklet Building Envelope Retrofit

This booklet focuses specifically on envelope retrofit and considers it from a technical, financial, social and governance perspective. Implementation barriers, as well as the upscaling potential, will be discussed and illustrated by experiences from different European projects.

Given the importance of energy retrofit, the EU has supported many consortia to experiment with new techniques and operational procedures, financing schemes, end-user engagement strategies and governance process setups. From the analysis of a set of nearly 50 building retrofit demonstrators, it appears that half of...

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