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The building that will be renovated within the TRIBE project is the first building of Ozyegin University. Even though it is a very sophisticated building with LEED Gold certificate, it is almost 30% below the targeted energy use, mainly because of the problems with automation, sun shades and under prediction of residence behavior.

Overall, the design of sun shades was not done in a proper way and consequently, they do not allow effective use of the sun’s positive impact during winter, and its negative impact to the air conditioning load during the summer months. Automation was not tied to solar shades or to human comfort in an effective way. The behavioral responses of the students and the faculty members, as well as the general expectations from the lighting of the classrooms need clear improvement.

The TRIBE project aims to install new ICT controls, improving the current monitoring system, modify the sun shades and generate a more robust response from the users which will result in energy savings close to 30%.