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Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunctional building envelope elements for MOdular REtrofitting and CONNECTions


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EE 1 – 2014: Manufacturing of prefabricated modules for renovation of buildings,


The European building sector is currently unable to offer an integral solution for deep renovation toward nearly zero energy building (nZEB) at a reasonable cost. The building process is typically based on a ‘layered’ structure, with many labour actions on the buildings site, with many sub disciplines involved, leading to extra costs and failure risks. Due to the length of the renovation process and the failure risks during this process, customers hesitate to renovate their property.

MORE-CONNECT tried to resolve this problem by developing prefabricated, multifunctional renovation elements for the total building envelope (façade and roof) and installation/building services. These elements were combined, selected and configured by the end-user, based on their specific needs. This information was used as input into advanced Building Information Modelling systems to control and steer the further production process of these elements. In this way, unique individual series were made in a mass production process at the same low price of mass production. 

The specific scope of MORE-CONNECT was residential buildings. MORE-Connect focused on mass production with a minimum series of one to allow the development of specific solutions, honouring individual customer requirements in five different geo-clusters with distinctive climate zones, social and cultural circumstances and building traditions across Europe.


Project demonstration sites

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The project’s four main objectives were:

  • The development of cost optimal deep renovation solutions towards nZEB concepts with the possibility of extra customised (cost-effective) features;
  • The development and demonstration of prefabricated multifunctional modular renovation elements in series of 1 concepts, in a mass production process;
  • The development and demonstration of new fully automated production lines for multifunctional modular renovation elements;
  • The offering of a one-stop-shop to the end-user to renovate their homes.

The related quantitative objectives of MORE-CONNECT were:

  • Deep renovation toward nZEB, with a basic reduction of the primary energy consumption by at least 80 % compared to the original consumption.
  • New fully automated production lines with a cost/output optimisation leading to >35% improvement compared to the traditional construction realisation process.
  • Construction site workload reduced to less than 10% of the total workload of a retrofit compared to traditionally more than 50%.
  • Total installation time on site of a maximum of 5 days with a final goal of 2 days.
  • Return of investment of fewer than 8 years for the end-user.
  • Construction failure costs reduced to less than 5% compared to the traditional 15 to 20%.



Peter Op ‘t Veld
Huygen Installatie Adviseurs