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Kranj is the capital of Region of Gorenjska. Case study district is a part of local community Zlato Polje. There are approximately 1130 people living in the district with area about 0.27 km2. Average year of construction of buildings in the district is 1964. The case area has mainly residential buildings (72 out of 88), most of them are multifamily houses with individual boiler rooms (mostly gas boilers).
Main energy source for heating is gas that is distributed to individual buildings, mostly by pipelines. Small district heating system is in use for educational facilities.
Primary goal of the investments in refurbishment and development of a district are cost savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use and improvement of living conditions for the residents. The case area has a great potential for energy savings, because buildings are rather old and not refurbished. Also, buildings are mainly connected to existing gas delivery system, and use individual inefficient gas boilers.

Demo Site Expected Impact

All projects are in development stage. This is only ideas how to minimize energy consumption, introduce RES technologies.
The main objective of MODER is to increase business of engineering companies, energy managers and consultants in supporting municipalities and building owners in European and global markets for the refurbishment of buildings at district level. Several improvements are required to reach this objective: Exceeding barriers concerning the reduction of energy demand of buildings, new tools that enable the assessment and design of refurbishment and new business and process models for efficiently execute the refurbishment of buildings at district level. Technical objectives of MODER are to develop, demonstrate and mobilize tools, services, process models and business models


Jure Erzen
Lokalna Energetska Agencija Gorenske Javni Zavod (LEAG)