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18 September 2023

Solution Booklet for Public Procurement in Smart Cities

Cover page of solution booklet procurement

The Smart Cities Marketplace team is excited to introduce a new solution booklet dedicated to public procurement. It is available in English, French, and German, ensuring a wider reach and accessibility for stakeholders and decision-makers.

Understanding Public Procurement: What and Why?

Public procurement is a multifaceted process through which public authorities engage in the acquisition of goods, services, or works. It serves as the backbone of public service delivery and infrastructure development and has an important role in driving the development, implementation and upscaling of sustainable and smart goods and services. 

City Context: The Imperative of Climate Neutrality

In a contemporary cityscape, the ambitious goals of climate neutrality remain unattainable without the active engagement and visionary leadership of local governments. Public procurement emerges as a powerful tool for realising ambitious, innovative and sustainable city initiatives.

Governance and Regulation: Navigating the Procurement Landscape

Navigating the intricate landscape of public procurement necessitates a robust governance framework and regulatory mechanism. These underpin the efficient and ethical execution of procurement processes, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Characteristics of Sustainable and Smart Procurement

In this booklet, the Smart Cities Marketplace presents an extensive list of common characteristics that foster the adoption of sustainable and intelligent solutions in procurement processes.

City-to-Business Collaboration in Public Procurement

The synergy between cities and businesses is pivotal for the successful implementation of public procurement strategies. This section sheds light on the collaborative efforts required to bridge the gap between the public sector's needs and the innovative solutions offered by businesses. It offers a step-by-step guide on how to facilitate early and cooperative city-to-business engagement.

Lessons Learned: Insights from Real-World Experiences

Drawing from practical experiences, we delve into the invaluable lessons learned from previous public procurement endeavours. These insights serve as a guide for policymakers and practitioners, helping them make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Useful Documents and Links: A Knowledge Repository

Our solution booklet includes a curated collection of documents and links, providing readers with a wealth of resources for further exploration. These resources encompass best practices, legal frameworks, case studies, and other references vital for a deeper understanding of public procurement in the context of smart cities.

The release of this solution booklet underscores the commitment of the Smart Cities Marketplace to advance sustainable, smart, and efficient urban development through informed and strategic public procurement. 

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