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Scalable Cities Café: The City Coordinators Group. Join us for the first event of our new online series!

Scalable Cities Café CCG

Join the Scalable Cities Secretariat for a “Scalable Cities Café''. With a new series of short and interactive online events, the Secretariat will take you through the activities it coordinates to foster cross-collaboration between stakeholders and cities, supporting them on their path to achieve climate neutrality.

It will also be an opportunity to learn about the solutions implemented throughout the Scalable Cities community!

During our first Café, we will present the City Coordinators Group (CCG), which gathers cities to address specific challenges and create a space for the co-design of shared solutions. 

The coordinators of the CCG Sofia Corsi and Elina Sergejeva, from Energy Cities, will walk you through the work of the group, which gathers cities to address specific challenges and create a space for the co-design of shared solutions. It works to: 

  1. Facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange among cities.
  2. Promote networking and cooperation among cities interested in the replication of the Scalable Cities measures.
  3. Capture cities’ voices to prepare recommendations.


Why should you join the CCG? The City Coordinators Group is an active, resourceful group that can provide your city with:

  • Networking opportunities 
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Event participation and engagement with other cities
  • Projects and solutions co-development 
  • First access to information for additional grants or expert learning opportunities 
  • Direct access to financiers and VCS through a regionally dedicated roadshow 
  • Increased visibility in the European smart cities space


Our Cafes are the perfect opportunity to learn about each of these activities and the opportunities they offer. They are short, informative and interactive events. At every café, our speakers will provide a brief overview of the activity in focus. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, during which attendees will have plenty of time to ask further questions and address any doubts.


Type of event

30 October 2023 14:00-15:00
Online only event


CCG Café presentation.pdf