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The Smart Cities Marketplace publications library contains different types of documents aimed at varying target audiences. The main groups can be summarized as follows:

Policy Papers: based on the analyses performed by the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS), important current policy challenges are identified and investigated into more detail. The resulting insights are collected in thematic papers that draw up a state of the art and formulate recommendations for future implementation, useful for policy makers as well as other actors active in sustainable and smart city projects. 

SCIS Essential Monitoring Guides: manuals providing assistance in the preparation of data for the Self-Reporting Tool, the interface that collects key performance indicators (KPIs) describing the results of EU co-funded Smart Cities and Communities projects. These KPIs can be displayed in the Project Data Visualization interface of the Smart Cities Marketplace website. However, the monitoring and KPI guides have an interest for the wider smart city community as well.

The CONCERTO publications archive: CONCERTO was an initiative under the European Research Framework Programmes FP6 and FP7 that grouped projects dealing with energy optimisation of districts and communities. It preceded the FP7 and H2020 project generations inventoried by SCIS. Its main publications remain available for consultation.


CONCERTO Indicator Guide

The core content of this document is the mathematical description of the CONCERTO Premium indicators. The majority of indicators is...