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European Urban Knowledge Network

European Urban Knowledge Network The European Urban Knowledge Network is a network of national governments and knowledge institutes, deeply involved in EU policy-making. Our focus on generating a

JPI Urban Europe

JPI Urban Europe was created in 2010 to address the global urban challenges of today with the ambition to develop a European research and innovation hub on urban matters and create European solutions serves all professional audiences in need of aggregated data regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes among


In times when cities and communities are looking to digital solutions to tackle a growing range of interconnected challenges, we must boost these efforts through a ‘European Way’ where digital


ManagEnergy: Supporting local and regional sustainable energy actions ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which


NetZeroCities supports the 112 European cities selected by the European Commission to join the EU Cities Mission to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. NetZeroCities is a consortium consisting of 33