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CONCERTO Communities Towards Optimal Thermal and Electrical Efficiency of Buildings and Districts, Based on Microgrids


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As part of the PIME’s project, Salburua in Vitoria, Spain, Dale in Sandnes, Norway and Szentendre in Hungary worked together to research, demonstrate and disseminate technologies for the construction of houses that take into account the local climatic conditions, while at the same time reducing the need for heating and cooling. By exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge, developing new technologies to be used in smart and economically-efficient ways, the project aimed to create better living areas for the future.

The project was built around some central principles, including the implementation of large scale solar thermal generation with associated heat storage, the application of intelligent energy management through micro-grids and the development of new ESCO models.


Project demonstration sites


The PIME’S partners delivered innovative, sustainable and solid demonstration projects, with the retrofitting projects and the new buildings all using state-of-the-art technology.

The hand-over ceremony for the Szentendre project, 30 km north-west of Budapest, was held on April 22, 2015. This PIME'S project covered the rehabilitation of houses, flats and a kindergarten, as well as the construction of a new research centre for EMI. Almost 30 kinds of innovative architectural elements and building engineering solutions were installed at the Szentendre Community demonstrations, the five most important of which were:

  • hybrid solar cells;
  • heat pump based on treated sewage water;
  • visible PV for shading and seasonal shading with textile or PV;
  • double glazed climate facade, tilted windows, green facades and roofs as different kinds of protection against summer overheating;
  • heat recovery ventilation.

In September 2015, the Zaramaga project in Vitoria-Gasteiz announced the completion of the main construction work for the project. Facades and roofs in the three housing blocks have been fully insulated and cladding applied, indoor common spaces are renewed and elevators installed. The new Salburua building in Vitoria also has innovative features including CHP, heat recovery ventilation, very high insulation levels and an innovative design with integration of PV in façade. This is considered a landmark project and was selected as one of the most sustainable building promotions in 2012 by the prestigious Endesa Awards.

Socio economic studies carried out in cooperation with local partners in Szentendre and Vitoria-Gasteiz show that the actions taken were well received by tenants and homeowners, with almost all respondents expressing satisfaction with buildings post retrofit, compared to hardly any beforehand.

The Norway project was halted by Rogaland County Council in June 2014. The property is undergoing preparation for new ownership or sale.


PIME'S Completed construction of the Salburua project and of the energy supply system
PIME'S Completed construction of the Zaramaga project and of the energy supply system
PIME'S Detailed design specifications of Szentendre energy systems
PIME'S Final socio-economic analysis report
PIME'S Guide for bioclimatic design


Iver Jan Leren
Rogaland Fylkeskommune