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E2REBUILD Site Halmstad


Project status



The E2REBUILD demonstration in Halmstad, Sweden is a multi-storey building from 1963 with the typical features of that period, such as a reinforced concrete load-bearing frame and facade elements. The building contains 91 apartments. The retrofit included a complete exchange of main pipes (water and sewage) as well as new kitchens and bathrooms, energy-efficient measures such as new, highly insulated windows, improved adjustments of control systems, new high performance extraction air, new outdoor air heat pumps and increased airtightness. Residents remained in their apartments during the retrofit construction work, which allowed the team to evaluate their communication with tenants.

Demo Site Expected Impact

The demonstration site in Halmstad consists of an overall gross floor area of 6 178 m² that has been refurbished in the project.

The energy consumption figures for the demonstration site were monitored before and after the works, resulting in respectively 200 and 110 kWh/m²/yr of primary energy consumption. The monitoring values show that the heating demand for space heating exceeded 130 kWh/m²/yr before the project and represented the largest energy consumption. After the refurbishment, this primary energy consumption was reduced to 96 kWh/m²/yr.

The CO2 emissions and total primary energy have been calculated using the national electricity factors provided by the project and literature. The CO2 emissions were reduced by 45 tonnes of CO2 every year and the primary energy savings were 624 MWh.



The refurbishment measures implemented in Halmstad included:

Energy efficiency buildings 

  • Retrofitting the building envelope

    • Highly insulated windows
    • Increased airtightness
  • Building services (HVAC and lighting)
    • Improved adjustments of control systems
    • Occupant-controlled lighting in the garage
    • Low-energy lighting in stairwells
  • Heat pumps
    • Outdoor and extraction air heat pumps

The investment cost for the intervention was EUR 624/m². According to provided data, the yearly cost savings for energy result in EUR 32 348 for monitored values. The payback period according to the data provided and the SCIS calculations is 18 years.


Stephen Burke

Building aspects

  • Building Energy Services
  • heating (only)
  • Technology used to supply the buildings
  • heat pump: compression

Thematic Field

  • Refurbished Building(s)

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