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Concerto AL Piano

Concerto Al Piano: the Integrated Urban Villages of ALessandria


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Located in the Italian city of Alessandria, which was built in the last century, the Concerto AL Piano project was implemented in an urban area facing urgent problems. The site, situated along a railway sorting depot, represented a large “urban vacuum” between two high-density residential areas to the east and the west.

The project aimed to implement energy retrofitting at the district level and to mobilise investment in energy conservation in conjunction with building renovation and maintenance. Some of the project’s general goals included upgrading the energy standards at the district level, to affect building rehabilitation and reconstruction. In addition, the project strived to allow for a progressive substitution of conventional roofing with newly designed solar roofs and to facilitate the individual fitting of greenhouses when appropriately designed and integrated. This work was to be supported through mobilising energy saving investments, in conjunction with building renovation, and facilitating access to loans and funds for individual energy conservation projects.


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Concerto AL Piano achievements included:

  • Eco-refurbishment of existing social housing (299 dwellings);
  • New eco-village (104 dwellings) and social housing for the elderly (50 dwellings);
  • Installation of 385 m² of solar thermal collectors in a health centre;
  • Extended energy retrofit for buildings in the district (plan to supply resources for energy/building retrofit of 48,000 m2 equivalent dwellings);
  • 200 m2 of water solar collectors, integrated in the residential village for sanitary hot water needs;
  • Installation of 50 kWp of photovoltaic systems for 103 private homes and another 70 kWp on the 50 homes built for the elderly;
  • High standard of eco-building insulation (14 cm of fibre-paper insulation: triple sized compared with normal practice);
  • Integrated supply of district heating with renewable energy tri-generation (biomass heating, cooling, electricity);
  • Innovation in mobility - PV for electric bikes, bicycle lanes;
  • Use of rainwater for irrigation, reduction of water flows, use of grey water;
  • Implementation of waste management, on site compost production and various other eco-settlement measures.

Thematic Field

  • New Building(s)
  • Refurbished Building(s)


Roberto Pagani
Softech Total Environmental Action Ltd.