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28 February 2024

The State of European Smart Cities has been published!

Report cover. Scalable Cities Secretariat, 2024

Scalable Cities is thrilled to announce the publication of its report outlining the current state of the art of European smart cities. The report highlights some of the most ambitious and impactful solutions that are also cost-competitive and ready for a wide-scale replication. 

The data and knowledge in this report have been generated by the Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse programme which is one of the most extensive research and development programmes, designed and supported by the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020. The initiative brings together Lighthouse cities, which develop pilot projects in large-scale districts, and Fellow cities, which learn from the Lighthouse demonstrations and implement bold replication plans.

The knowledge generated by cities will feed into the EU Cities Mission which is aiming to achieve 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030. Moreover, these cities contribute to the European Commission's RePowerEU plan aiming to safeguard the EU citizens and businesses from energy shortages by diversifying the energy supply chain and by accelerating the transition to clean energy to achieve climate-neutrality quicker and in a fair fashion. 

You can read the selected and ambitious solutions in more detail by clicking on the this link.