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25 June 2024

Missed the Smart Cities Marketplace Webinar on Technical Assistance?

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The recent Smart Cities Marketplace (SCM) webinar provided invaluable insights for EU cities looking to leverage technical assistance facilities for smart, sustainable and inclusive development. Hosted by Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida (Matchmaker for the Smart Cities Marketplace), this session underscored the different opportunities SCM offers to enhance urban environments.

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida kicked off the webinar with an introduction to the Smart Cities Marketplace, emphasising the platform’s role in providing technical assistance to EU cities. He highlighted the support available through SCM, including the vital technical assistance facility that can help cities advance their smart city initiatives.

Dinis Rodrigues followed with a detailed presentation on the ELENA technical assistance programme. Rodrigues outlined how ELENA supports investments in smart, sustainable, and inclusive cities, focusing on grants for projects with a minimum investment of €30 million. He provided a comprehensive overview of eligible beneficiaries and the application process, demonstrating ELENA's potential to catalyse significant urban investments.

Marcin Idczak then presented on JASPERS technical assistance, specifically the JASPERS energy advisory services. Idczak highlighted the programme’s commitment to improving energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, district heating, and smart grid development. He underscored JASPERS' focus on investments linked to European Funding, providing crucial support for energy-related projects.

The next segment featured Michael Flickenschild, who introduced Green Assist. Flickenschild discussed how Green Assist supports various projects, detailing the application process, benefits, and the kind of projects expected. He highlighted Green Assist’s role in facilitating green projects, contributing to the overall sustainability of EU cities.

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A segment, where participants inquired about the eligibility of projects and countries for the different technical assistance facilities. The discussion provided clarity on project typologies previously supported by these facilities, offering practical insights for potential applicants.

In closing, Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida emphasised the unique aspects of each technical assistance programme and how they complement one another. He encouraged cities to explore these opportunities to maximise their potential for sustainable urban development.

For more information on the Smart Cities Marketplace and the technical assistance facilities discussed, visit Call for Applications - Matchmaking Services | Smart Cities Marketplace (

Watch the recording.