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28 March 2024

Deep Retrofitting Focus Group: Electrification of Thermal Loads and Renewable Energy Communities for Urban Renovation: Safety, Sustainability and Quality of Life for Families

Visual from workshop

The Deep Retrofitting Focus Group convened on March 20th, 2024, in Rome, focusing on the electrification of thermal loads and Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) for urban renewal. The event commenced with welcome remarks from various dignitaries, including representatives from the European Commission, INAIL, and the Italian Ministry of Environment. Georg Houben from the European Commission highlighted the significance of energy communities and consumer empowerment, particularly in the context of EU directives and the EU Green Deal. 

Roberta Toffanin stressed Europe's ambitious goals for decarbonizing buildings and the importance of government intervention to support energy efficiency initiatives.

Sergio Olivero from the Energy Center of the Politecnico di Torino presented on electrification of thermal loads and renewable energy communities. He emphasized the need for deep retrofitting to reduce emissions, showcasing examples of retrofit solutions. The discussion extended to financing options to support retrofitting projects. He emphasized the pivotal role of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) as legal entities driving value creation in the renewable energy sector. Highlighting a virtuous cycle, it was noted that increased energy production and consumption within these communities lead to greater rewards. Olivero concluded by highlighting the potential of local governance and technological advancements in achieving energy efficiency goals.

Federica Rossi Gasparrini further emphasized legislative initiatives and the importance of stakeholder engagement in electrification efforts. The panel discussion further explored topics such as municipal roles in energy transition, the significance of energy communities, and the example of the transformation of Capraia Island into a sustainable community. The meeting concluded with a call for action, urging prompt initiation of efforts to establish energy communities and utilize digital platforms for effective management and data sharing.

Overall, the meeting emphasized the urgent need for action to achieve energy efficiency goals and promote sustainable urban renovation, with a focus on collaboration, innovation and inclusive governance.