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Smart Cities Marketplace
12 September 2023

Small Giants Momentum Continues to Build

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Small Giants Focus Group launched: The Small Giants initiative has been confirmed as the latest Focus Group as part of the Smart Cities Marketplace. This undoubtedly puts this important initiative on a stronger footing as a range of practical and digital support will drive greater collaborative opportunities and action as well as the opportunity to significantly expand the network of small to medium-sized cities. 

Mobility Island Rollout: Despite the Small Giants network missing out on Horizon funding for the CODE-ism project, work on developing Mobility Islands projects in a number of small to medium-sized cities continues to progress. The core team, now with the support of the Marketplace, continues to identify new funding opportunities to accelerate progress across multiple cities in 2024.

Sarajevo’s Project TRIBUTE develops the first Mobility Islands in the city: As part of the EU-funded programme, Sarajevo has introduced its first functional Mobility Island with a second planned for launch later in the year. This innovative facility incorporates a state-of-the-art charging station for electric vehicles, a smart bench providing comfortable seating, USB charging ports and wireless connectivity. These are complemented by a vandal-proof, secure bike rack. This integrated approach marks a significant step towards sustainable urban living in Sarajevo promoting eco-friendly mobility options contributing to a reduction in the city’s carbon footprint and accelerating its progress to Net Zero. The second Mobility Island will incorporate a wider range of facilities and services, demonstrating that the concept can be adapted and tailored to fit any location. For further information please contact:

SMCNetZero: This important project seeks to empower small and medium-sized cites to combat climate change. The recently completed first phase has gained an in-depth understanding of SMC needs and barriers whilst raising awareness of and simplifying access to existing initiatives which support city-scale decarbonisation. The outputs, to be delivered in 2024, will provide tailored support, capacity building and a range of tools to harness the transformative potential of SMCs in tackling climate change and its impacts. The Small Gants network is actively involved in the project and will explore and exploit the synergies to maximise impact. More information on SMCNetZero can be found here:

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Small Giants Update Session: Additional information on the above developments will be covered at the next meeting of the Small Giants network on the 28th September. If you would like to attend or simply require more information on the Small Giants please contact Trevor Gibson at