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Smart Cities Marketplace
17 November 2023

Scalable Cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Between the 7th and 9th of November, a large delegation from the Scalable Cities Secretariat, alongside several projects from the SCC community attended the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. While this presence was spread across almost 20 sessions, key highlights have been the sessions coordinated by the Secretariat on the first day of the Expo.

Together with session partners SPARCS, MAKING-CITY, ICC, Scalable Cities led the Agora session titled “Scaling Up Mobility and Energy Projects with Innovative Business Models”, during which speakers showcased business-oriented use cases drawn from the State of European Smart Cities, a shared pool of knowledge and experiences that represents 550 solutions in 120 cities. 

On the same day, a second session at the booth offered attendees an opportunity for networking with Scalable Cities and SCC projects NeutralPath, ASCEND, BUILDSPACE and NetZero Cities. Participants had the opportunity to connect with representatives from across the smart cities and communities projects through the “speed-networking” format: projects presented their services and activities and reflected on the needs of cities with regard to climate neutrality goals.