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Smart Cities Marketplace
28 November 2023

Launch of the Green Cities Wiki

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A comprehensive resource for initiatives, practical knowledge and insights on creating sustainable, inclusive, and climate-neutral cities.

The Smart Cities Marketplace is excited to announce the launch of the online version of the Smart City Guidance Package on its website called Green Cities Wiki. This comprehensive guide is designed to serve as both an inspirational and informational self-help tool for cities and urban stakeholders embarking on smart city and low-carbon district projects.

The Green Cities Wiki, available for exploration on the Smart Cities Marketplace website, delves into the integrated planning and management of smart city initiatives, offering insights from cities' strategists, experts, and project managers. It aims to address fundamental questions, including what integrated planning entails, why cities need methods for such planning, and how to develop a smart city strategy.

The guide covers a spectrum of topics, providing valuable information on tasks to be expected, sources for financial instruments, engagement strategies for stakeholders, and the role of key performance indicators (KPIs) in evaluating alternatives and tracking progress. It also highlights actions that can accelerate the impact towards an urban transition.

Key Sections of the Green Cities Wiki Include:

The Green Cities Wiki draws from real-life examples and generously shared experiences, aiming to bridge the gap in current approaches to integrated planning and management. By considering the full life-cycle of planned investments and promoting inclusivity, the guide seeks to ensure the success and sustainability of smart city projects.

It serves as a roadmap for those committed to creating sustainable, digitally advanced, and liveable urban environments.

Explore the Green Cities Wiki Smart City Guidance package | Smart Cities Marketplace (