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21 March 2023

Covenant of Mayors Podcast Episode 3 - How to assess the impact of climate measures?


In the third episode of the podcast series on adaptation, the Covenant of Mayorsbrought in a technical expert, environmental engineering Ion Sola Torralba, to help us tackle the complex question of assessing adaptation.

It’s important for local governments to follow the progress they are making with the measures they are implementing to tackle climate change. Mitigation measures are not too difficult to assess through the monitoring of emissions. However, with adaptation measures, things are not so simple. How can we know which variations in our climate and environment are caused by climate change? What’s more, how can we know if the measures we are implementing are also themselves influencing these variations and improving the situation? 

Tune in to hear practical and concrete ways to measure the impact of climate change in your region, with the goal of implementing effective adaptation measures in your municipality. Listen to the episode here!