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Smart Cities Marketplace
21 April 2022

Kickstart the future – with the Action Clusters of the Smart Cities Marketplace

Action Cluster BarCamp

As part of our Smart Cities Marketplace Forum in April, we invite you to take part in our Action Cluster BarCamp!

What is a BarCamp?

With the BarCamp, we have chosen a very flexible format that works well with smaller and larger groups of participants. We will use the opportunity to develop recommendations for the next edition of the Smart Cities Marketplace and its community. Participants gather around a knowledge wall and on-site choose a topic they are interested in. We then break out into smaller groups for the six most popular topics. A moderator for each group will keep the separate discussions running. Together, the participants of each group will create a short and on-point visual or textual summary of the most prominent findings, questions and ideas. This will be used as a base for further developing suggestions for the upcoming Smart Cities Marketplace edition.

When: On the second day of the Smart Cities Marketplace Forum 27 April, 13:45-16:00

13:45 – 14:00: New developments in the Smart Cities Marketplace (DG ENER)

14:00 – 14:15: Let’s celebrate: 10 years of Action Clusters – AC Chairs share success stories and achievements

14:15 - 15:45: BarCamp: recommendations for the next edition of the Smart Cities Marketplace 

15:45 – 16:00: Wrap-up (DG ENER)

Topics to choose from:

Technology for citizen engagement (Noirin Ni-Earcain, DG CNECT)

Citizens’ engagement toward the European Green Deal and New European Bauhaus can be greatly facilitated by technology, e.g. by co-designing public spaces that are beautiful and sustainable. What does this take and how can the Smart Cities Marketplace help? 

Energy Communities (Paul Cartuyvels, AC Sustainable Built Environment, Jorge Saraiva AC Citizen Focus)

Much is expected from Energy Communities’ contribution to European climate and energy goals.  How can they be anchored in local ecosystems and empowered?

Capturing value for achieving the European Green Deal (Shaun Topham, AC Citizen Focus, Georg Vogt, AC Business Models)

Co-operation between groups of cities sharing data with third parties, enhanced with citizen’s personal data, will generate income and support local development of the data economy, which can be invested in achieving the Green Deal.

Smart Data for Urban Resilience (Grazia Fiore, AC Integrated Infrastructures & Processes)

Resilience to natural hazards can be improved by the use of urban data, among other satellite data. How can public administrations make better use of this?

The Urban Mobility Framework in the light of the Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities (Isabelle van Doorne, DG MOVE, Esben Pejstrup, ICLEI) 

New ideas and policies have been formulated in the revised Urban Mobility framework. How can this framework contribute to the 100 climate-neutral contracts that will be agreed upon for the  Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities?

The investor’s perspective (Jürgen Ritzek and Derrick Pisani, AC Business Models)

How can we create more financially viable projects?

Systemic Changes in Governance (Judith Borsboom and Annemie Wyckmans, AC Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulation)

Which systemic changes in governance structures are needed for the transition to climate-neutral and smart cities and what does it take to ensure the implementation and replication of piloted solutions for the entire city? 

Artificial Intelligence: how to make it work for local ecosystems? (Maria Sangiuliano, AC Citizen Focus)

How can inclusive Artificial Intelligence systems be created that prevent gender and race bias through co-creation under different urban contexts?

Beyond natural gas: Carbon-neutral heating & cooling in cities (Aksana Krasatsenka, AC Sustainable Built Environment)

Given the current energy crisis, the urgency to decarbonise heating and cooling in cities has become even more imminent. Which readily available solutions are accessible locally and can make our cities' energy secure?