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20 January 2022

“Copernicus and me” Launch Event

Copernicus and me

The "Copernicus and me” launch event will take place on 10th February 2022, 10:30-12:05 CET and is an online event.

Don't miss the opportunity to preview the videos realised within the "Copernicus and me" initiative by registering to the Launch Event!

Eurisy invites you to find out about six down-to-earth experiences of use of the data provided by the European satellites of Copernicus by local and public administrations and private companies.

You will be able to watch the videos and ask questions to the organisations using the Copernicus data operationally. Forget about PowerPoint presentations and enjoy this visual event!

Eurisy and CNES collaborated to bring to you hands-on examples of what can be achieved by using data and services from the Copernicus satellite constellations.

Register here.

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