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08 September 2022

From Bill of Materials to Material Passport: the importance of tracking materials for a circular economy


In the context of the European project Houseful, Turntoo and Itec will host a webinar on the circular economy. The webinar will give an overview of solutions for the circular economy ranging from business models to design and data management.

  • Thomas Rau: Inspirational presentation on circularity giving a broad view about the changes needed from business models, design and construction, material passports, and the cultural change needed for the circular transformation.
  • Licinio Alfaro: High-Information Sustainable Digital Models, The importance of digital models to incorporate all sustainability indicators in our decision-making, especially for the creation of Bill of materials and Bill of quantities.
  • Discussion hosted by Diego Giuliani, a journalist from Euronews

Date: The webinar will take place Tuesday, 13 September – from 2 to 3.30 pm. If interested in participating, register here.