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18 March 2021

Stand forth ye Smaller Cities and be heard!

giant tree

Have you ever felt that the smaller cities don’t get a fair share of attention? Too small to bother about; too many of them; not worth the effort to deal with them.

Well think again.

Smaller cities are where the majority of Europeans live, so we neglect them at our peril. And many are far more agile and swift to decide than their larger brethren.

The “Small Giants” initiative is pulling together a “View from (the smaller) City Halls”, distilling the opinion of Mayors and city officers on a few simple questions exploring: challenges, ambitions, desire to collaborate, and priorities. Early findings are revealing in terms of what the priorities and ambitions look like.

These will inform a series of online workshops over upcoming months, to shape up some practical collaborative projects that will seek investment.

So, if you are a smaller city, or wish to engage or support one/several, then touch base and add to the view from city hall.