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11 March 2021

New phase begins for "Big Buyers for Climate and Environment"


The "Big Buyers for Climate and Environment" initiative aims to promote collaboration between big public buyers in implementing strategic public procurement for sustainable solutions.


"Public procurement is the secret weapon in cities’ climate change arsenal", says Eurocities’ Secretary General Anna Lisa Boni. The Big Buyers for Climate and Environment (BBCE) is the opportunity to use this weapon!

Through BBCE, big buyers can work together to implement strategic public procurement for sustainable solutions, and therefore, drive the market for innovation. After evaluating an encouraging amount of potential topics of interest for procurement collaboration, the BBCE secretariat announced the following four working groups:

  • Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles - focusing on vehicles for waste collection, street cleaning & maintenance, and their recharging infrastructure
  • Zero Emission Construction Sites - focusing on the use of emission-free construction machinery
  • Circular construction - focus still to be precisely determined. Topics under consideration include circular road construction, using recycled products in construction and renovation, low carbon concrete and the use of plastics in construction)
  • Healthcare - focus on digital healthcare, with the focus still to be more precisely determined. Topics under consideration include better data collection/analysis, integrated patient flow management systems, remote patient monitoring

Over the next month it will be determined:

  • who will be participating in each group (different roles are possible in each group: leader,  buyer, follower),
  • the precise focus (in the case of the Circular construction and Healthcare groups),
  • the types of collaborative activity to be undertaken.

Working groups will start their collaboration around the end of March 2021 for an indicative period of 2 years. Each group will include around 10 public entities from a variety of EU and EFTA countries with 1-2 buyers as group leads. The secretariat (ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and Eurocities) will facilitate the collaboration and, should it be possible, also provide reimbursement for travel and accommodation of in-person meetings.

Participation is still open to all - even if you have not been involved up to now! 

If you are interested in taking a role in the new initiative, please get in touch with Manon Ghislain at

Please note that the role of ‘follower’ might be very interesting for members that cannot commit to any specific procurement actions but are still interested in learning and sharing with other big buyers.