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13 July 2021

Discover the Smart Cities Marketplace Digital Brochure

SCM Broschure

All you ever wanted to know about the Smart Cities Marketplace - the Smart Cities Marketplace has published its digital interactive brochure.

Discover the most fascinating and important information about the Marketplace in one location. The brochure sums up the work of the Smart Cities Marketplace while giving access to European cities' stories and the most important documents to help you with your project. Learn about why and how the Smart Cities Marketplace was created and what its main objectives are. 

The digital brochure's red thread is the Smart Cities Marketplace's Explore, Shape & Deal approach. Discover the meaning of each of these project phases for the Marketplace and how cities can profit from it. Learn about the self-reporting tool and other projects in the explore section, get inspired by videos and podcast from other cities or read through the solution booklets in the shape section of the brochure, and finally, check out investment possibilities and matchmaking in the deal section!

Click here to discover the brochure. 

Smart Cities Marketplace Bochure