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20 December 2017

How public procures and suppliers have implemented innovation procurement

The Business Models, Finance and Procurement Action Cluster aims to spread information and knowledge on Procurement schemes across Europe.

The Action Cluster has the objective to increase the knowledge sharing thanks the dissemination of the information available. The Action Cluster gives the possibilities of stakeholders to collect information on the know-how and experiences on innovative procurement solutions through the organisation of webinars, and the dissemination of best practices.

The knowledge sharing will deep the knowledge on innovative procurement and will spread the opportunities available, contributing to the development and the implementation of public procurement.

How public procures and suppliers have implemented innovation procurement

Six public procurers and six suppliers are presented in a unique series of videos created by the eafip initiative!  

The videos each feature a European public procurer or supplier who has successfully developed and implemented innovation procurement.  The videos will inspire you in the development and implementation of your own public procurement by deepening your knowledge about innovation procurement and providing invaluable information from both the procurers’ and the suppliers’ side of the PCP/PPI process. They share with you their approaches, best practices, lessons learned and much more. 

Find the videos here 



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