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19 May 2017

Design Workshop of CitizenCity SET

Designed for city authorities as a utility to access existing engagement tools.

A great amount of learning and solutions have been developed around Europe and the world on the topic of citizen engagement. These resources are in websites, reports and guides that are not designed to be easily navigated and implemented by cities. CitizenCity is developing a new approach to support city authorities with citizen engagement practices. We are co-creating a toolkit for co-creating cities.

Co-creating a toolkit utility for co-creating cities

CitizenCity is holding a series of pan European 2 day design workshops. These will be highly facilitated events with minimal presentations. The focus is engaging with city authorities to understand the needs and habits for useful useable toolkit. In addition, we are also inviting an exclusive list of stakeholders and thought leading advisors. Collectively, we will work toward a robust scalable sustainable toolkit that has a positive impacts on inclusive society.

This toolkit is an extension and implementation of the EIP-SCC Manifesto on Citizen Engagement, created by the Citizen Focus action cluster. It has been endorsed by more than 120 public and private sectors representatives with input from more than 50 stakeholders contributing to shape its contents. The call for endorsement of the Manifesto is open.

Design Workshop of CitizenCity SET 

The first design workshop will be held on June 15-16 in London at Digital Greenwich.

This participatory workshop will engage city governments as users, with stakeholders and thought leading advisors. With the help of designers and facilitators we will co-create a toolkit resource for cities to engage with citizens and society. The toolkit will enable city governments to negotiating and implement existing supplies of case studies and technology solutions. The toolkit will go through an ongoing design process to evolve a working tool into a sustainable platform. Help us co-create the tools of co-creating the city.

This is primarily an invitation only event.

·       Interested city authorities are encouraged to attend by sending an email.

·       We also welcome inquiries from stakeholders or thought leaders.


The design workshop will be hosted at Digital Greenwich, 6 Mitre Passage, London SE10 0ER 

Informational Webinar

To learn more about the toolkit and workshop please join us for an information webinar. Registration is required.

• Tues 23 May 10:00 CET and 14:00 CET

• Wed 24 May 10:00 CET and 14:00 CET

• Wed 31 May 10:00 CET and 14:00 CET

• Thurs 1 June 10:00 CET and 14:00 CET

Please contact John Zib if you are interested to attend the workshop or informational webinar at john.zib@gmail.com