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Smart Cities Marketplace

IEEE Smart Cities Futures Summit 2022

Be part of the twin green and digital transformations that are creating a flourishing future for our cities. Fulfill the mission of UN SDG Goal 11: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

Take home new insights to improve life in your community.

Who will be there?

Representatives from over 100 cities from 35 countries will present their challenges, successes and lessons learned. Experts from industry and academia, including SMEs and start-ups, will showcase tried and tested solutions. Together they will create “action tanks”, held over several sessions, where stakeholders can put together a rich set of alternative actions to move our cities forward. Hybrid attendance (online and onsite in Tel Aviv, the startup nation!) ensures sharing and collaboration on a global scale.

On a “blank canvas”, with worldwide landscapes to be integrated into the picture, participants can paint their ideas. At the end of the conference, the canvas will show a vibrant mixture of possible solutions, contacts, skills and knowledge shared among the participants. With follow up, this “big picture” we create can become the basis for standards and best practices that will help each city see and act in the future.

13 December 2022 09:00-09:00