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Urban Insights: The Role of Smart Cities Marketplace in Achieving the European Green Deal


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In this short video Georg Houben, Project Officer of DG ENER and responsible for the Smart Cities Marketplace,  discusses the urgency of addressing climate change, particularly in Europe, where the EU Green Deal aims to make the continent climate-neutral by 2050. Various packages, such as the Fit for 55 package, outline specific targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2030. Now, the focus is on translating these ambitious goals into action at the city level.

Cities, regardless of size, are required to implement legal frameworks and work towards climate neutrality. However, funding alone is insufficient to solve the problem. The video introduces the Smart Cities Marketplace, which provides support in terms of capacity building, practical knowledge, examples from projects, best practices, and guidance documents. The explore – shape – deal matchmaking process is highlighted as a tool that guides cities, helping them shape ideas into financeable projects, which can be pitched to investors in the network. This initiative complements the European Green Deal, aiming to achieve its goals by 2050.