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Solution Booklet PV and Battery

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Solution booklets and thin books

The booklet emphasises the dynamic role of batteries in the evolving energy landscape, highlighting their potential beyond traditional static installations. With the surge in electric vehicles, car batteries emerge as valuable assets for storing energy generated by photovoltaic (PV) panels and contributing to grid services. Both batteries and PV inverters can enhance power grid quality, thereby extending the lifespan of electrical devices.

The primary objective of this transition in the electricity system is to elevate the proportion of renewable energy sources in buildings and communities. Photovoltaic panels and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are pivotal in achieving this goal. PV panels generate renewable electricity, while batteries store it for periods of demand misalignment with renewable production, significantly boosting the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond reducing reliance on the grid, PV panels and batteries offer control over peak power demand, grid consumption timing, and injection. This plays a crucial role in grid stabilisation, minimising losses, and avoiding the need for costly grid capacity upgrades to accommodate growing electricity demand. Moreover, they contribute to preventing local blackouts and ensuring electricity availability during unforeseen blackouts.

Importantly, the combination of PV and batteries empowers end consumers to trim electricity costs and reduce dependence on fluctuating electricity prices. Overall, the booklet underscores the multifaceted benefits of integrating PV panels and batteries into the energy system, aligning with the broader objective of transitioning to sustainable and resilient energy solutions.

This booklet is available in English and French.

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