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Systemic Changes in Governance - Executive Summary

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Making European cities climate-neutral and smart requires a huge paradigm shift and profound changes in current governance practices, to a considerable extent even systemic changes.

One of the key challenges to achieve such systemic changes is overcoming the discrepancy between the strategic vision on how the city should develop and the complex fragmentation of urban governance. In particular, a major gap exists between technological progress, in terms of solutions already available on the market, and the capacity of city administrations to adopt and mainstream these solutions.

This Governance Solution Booklet presents the far-reaching changes in governance tested by cities during their participation in Horizon 2020 Smart City Lighthouse (SCC-01) projects between 2014 and 2022. Following an in-depth analysis of the body of knowledge created by these projects, and after several direct interviews with city representatives and project partners, the booklet collects recommendations on, and solutions and good practices for governance for climate-neutral and smart cities.

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