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08 June 2022

1st Call for Proposals for Scalable Cities Action Grant is out!

Scalable Cities Action Grant

Scalable Cities Secretariat presents the 1st Call for Proposals for the Scalable Cities Action Grant. 

We call on cities and related partners: local energy agencies, construction agencies, civil society organisations, research institutes, NGOs and SMEs from completed Horizon 2020 SCC01 Lighthouse projects and external cities to register their interest and apply for the Scalable Cities Action Grant.

The Scalable Cities Action Grant is a financial tool we developed to apply and replicate success stories, workshops, measures, best practices and ideas from and among Scalable cities projects; organised in several Calls for Proposals. 

The first Call for Proposals opens up for two strands: ‘Innovative Governance Structures’ and ‘Financing Concepts and Mechanisms’

Those interested in replicating specific actions with the aim to improve and optimise cities’ internal governance structures, apply here for the Innovative Governance Structures. We are looking for actions aimed at preparing the ground for internal re-organisation of cities, with the final goal to facilitate the transition to climate neutrality. 

Those aiming to develop innovative financing concepts and mechanisms can register their interest likewise. In the second strand, we focus on leveraging private financing and engagement of private investors to deploy smart city solutions or integrated projects for climate neutrality. You can apply for Financing Concepts and Mechanisms hereWe are looking to support the replication and upscaling of measures for the energy transition of cities that were already successfully tested in a H2020 Smart Cities and Communities project by increasing the bankability and attractiveness of such measures to investors.

If we have peaked your interest, do not hesitate and apply! The deadline for all applications is 15th July 2022.

All further information about eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found here.

The Scalable Cities Action Grant financially supports cities and ad-hoc partnerships that seek to replicate measures that have been successfully implemented through Horizon 2020 SCC01 projects. For more information and further details about the Action Grant and its individual Calls please see the dedicated Scalable Cities Action Grant page.